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For us, your home, building or any construction work is more than just the brick and mortar utilized to construct it. It is more about the love, coziness and happiness you get from it and the memories you built in it. And the most important of all, it is the feeling of safety it provides you which makes it so much more important and lovely.

we understand this

At Gibliving, we understand this idea and incorporate it in all construction services, give you with more than just construction with brick and mortar.

every construction work

But in every construction work we take; we make sure to give our 100% and always make sure that our customers get the desired results only.

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With the said mindset, we provide the best quality material available around town. But we also make sure that making the strongest walls for your house does not bring large price tag on your pockets. Instead, with best materials and techniques are used at most affordable rates.

our vision

In addition to this, we offer our customers with professional architects to design your house or building as you wish it to be designed. The vast experience of these architects keeps them open to all customer desires, suggestions and concerns and they take care of every little aspect that is to be considered when doing any construction project.
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Lastly, since we are a company that highly values quality in our work, we take special care in using machinery to achieve our purposes and complementing it with skilled labor.


The most modern machinery and trained labor enable us to do construction for you that are reliable, strong and beautiful.



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How to Keep Your Pool Warm this Winter

If you want to swim or enjoy with friends in the swimming pool this winter you definitely need to check on the ways to keep the water warm. If you want to make the most out of your pool you should look for heating methods. The water should be warm enough to make you comfortable.

Moreover, the cold water can damage the pipes, so look for heating solutions before they cause damage. However, there are various methods you can opt for to make the pool water warm. Investing in gas and electric heaters, heat pumps, or solar blankets would be great. In addition, you can use set automatic timers as they would be a great investment and also ensure timely pool cleaning sydney.

Use gas heater

Gas heaters are used to heat the water. Using a gas heater will keep the pool water warm by using natural gas. Gas heaters are expensive but tend to work better than heat pumps. Moreover, they are best for pools in winters and heats the water quickly. However, they are less energy efficient and costly. Therefore, gas heaters may work well but might need to be replaced after a few years.

Use electric heater

Another option you can choose to keep the pool water warm is to have an electric heater. It is much faster than a gas heater. Once the water gets heated according to the required temperature it automatically shuts off.

However, no doubt, it is very efficient but it has one major setback which is its cost. It is highly expensive and consumes a lot of electricity which will eventually result in high electricity bills. Therefore, if money is not a problem you can opt for electric heaters.

Cover your pool with solar blankets

Do you know the heat in your pool is lost due to evaporation? A solar blanket acts as a guard and stops evaporation. Solar blankets are economical and work best in winters therefore, can be used to keep the water warm in such an environment.

Moreover, solar blankets work best at night keeping the water from getting cold. Therefore, investing in solar blankets is better as it is lightweight, easy to set up, and works far more better than regular covers.

Water source heat pumps

Water source heat pumps is a new technology that most people do not know about. They produce and transfer heat from different water supplies like ponds, lakes, and wells. These heat pumps work where the temperature is under 50F. However, sadly, the setup installation for these pumps is a huge process and requires a huge amount of money.

Going through this article will help you to make more use of your swimming pool this winter by keeping the water warm. If you want to swim or enjoy with friends and have a party in the pool you need to make sure the pool water is warm enough. Using gas and electricity heaters, solar blankets, and solar heaters can help you to heat the water.

Moreover, cold water can also damage the pipelines, therefore you need to make sure that you have a heating system installed before the winters.

Everything you need to know before building a prefab house!

Building a prefabricated house has numerous advantages: low costs, construction times, quality of materials and innovative technological solutions.

All the aspects listed above lead more and more often to consider this type of construction, compared to more classic options.

Naturally, before starting the construction of our prefabricated building, it is necessary to find the most suitable ground where to place the foundations, then check that everything is up to standard.

It is absolutely essential to pay attention so that this is buildable, free from physical, environmental and legal constraints, in addition to the constraints of the municipal plan and that it is equipped with a single license.

It is also advisable to check the slope, any risk of landslides, the presence of waterways and the possibility of connection to services.

Let’s take for example this prefabricated house proposed by Sommerhaus Piu, the Sommerhaus Piu 65. As we can see, thanks to the choice of ecological materials and a careful design that levels the support surface on the ground, this house fits perfectly into a land surrounded by greenery, minimizing any type of environmental impact.

There are some expense items that need to be taken into consideration. Before the purchase and therefore the construction of the prefabricated building, it is necessary to make an expense report that includes the following steps:

– Possible total cost of the modular house (price per sq.m., finishes, equipment and accessories)

– Costs related to the construction company (Excavations and land arrangement)

– Technical expenses (Design and construction management, geological surveys and safety plan)

– Bureaucratic expenses (Practices, permits, stamps, urbanization charges)

– Service connections (water, gas, electricity, telephone and sewerage)

In the photo you can admire the TheZeb Easy01 project by Thezeb Green Buildings & Interiors. The mission of this company is to design and build ecological and quality modular houses, supporting the customer during the production phases with the utmost clarity on the cost items.

How to build a quality house while saving money

The factors that determine the costs of building a house are many. First of all, as we shall see, there are those relating to design to be considered. And, consequently, those relating to the building materials identified and those of the final realization of the project.

To these must be added, and evaluated already in the preliminary phase, the bureaucratic ones, which concern both the authorizations to be requested, such as the building permit, and those relating to the certifications of the plants, and the costs to be incurred for the services of the professionals who will follow the various stages, such as architects, engineers and construction managers.

The house project is one of the fundamental preliminary steps. Naturally, it will be useful to begin to independently outline the general lines of the project, identifying the main features of the house according to one’s wishes, the conformation of the land and one’s possibilities.

To then get to discuss it with the professionals who will have to deal with it effectively and to whom the task will be entrusted and for which they will be responsible. That is, licensed architects and engineers. Who will also have to take care of the bureaucratic aspects.

The project will be divided into several phases: a preliminary feasibility study, to define whether the house can be built with the desired general characteristics and according to financial resources; followed by a preliminary project, on which the final project will be based, which in many cases may correspond to the one to be presented to the Municipality of belonging. And finally the executive project, which must contain all the technical details necessary for the realization.

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