Everything you need to know before building a prefab house!

Building a prefabricated house has numerous advantages: low costs, construction times, quality of materials and innovative technological solutions.

All the aspects listed above lead more and more often to consider this type of construction, compared to more classic options.

Naturally, before starting the construction of our prefabricated building, it is necessary to find the most suitable ground where to place the foundations, then check that everything is up to standard.

It is absolutely essential to pay attention so that this is buildable, free from physical, environmental and legal constraints, in addition to the constraints of the municipal plan and that it is equipped with a single license.

It is also advisable to check the slope, any risk of landslides, the presence of waterways and the possibility of connection to services.

Let’s take for example this prefabricated house proposed by Sommerhaus Piu, the Sommerhaus Piu 65. As we can see, thanks to the choice of ecological materials and a careful design that levels the support surface on the ground, this house fits perfectly into a land surrounded by greenery, minimizing any type of environmental impact.

There are some expense items that need to be taken into consideration. Before the purchase and therefore the construction of the prefabricated building, it is necessary to make an expense report that includes the following steps:

– Possible total cost of the modular house (price per sq.m., finishes, equipment and accessories)

– Costs related to the construction company (Excavations and land arrangement)

– Technical expenses (Design and construction management, geological surveys and safety plan)

– Bureaucratic expenses (Practices, permits, stamps, urbanization charges)

– Service connections (water, gas, electricity, telephone and sewerage)

In the photo you can admire the TheZeb Easy01 project by Thezeb Green Buildings & Interiors. The mission of this company is to design and build ecological and quality modular houses, supporting the customer during the production phases with the utmost clarity on the cost items.

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