How to build a quality house while saving money

The factors that determine the costs of building a house are many. First of all, as we shall see, there are those relating to design to be considered. And, consequently, those relating to the building materials identified and those of the final realization of the project.

To these must be added, and evaluated already in the preliminary phase, the bureaucratic ones, which concern both the authorizations to be requested, such as the building permit, and those relating to the certifications of the plants, and the costs to be incurred for the services of the professionals who will follow the various stages, such as architects, engineers and construction managers.

The house project is one of the fundamental preliminary steps. Naturally, it will be useful to begin to independently outline the general lines of the project, identifying the main features of the house according to one’s wishes, the conformation of the land and one’s possibilities.

To then get to discuss it with the professionals who will have to deal with it effectively and to whom the task will be entrusted and for which they will be responsible. That is, licensed architects and engineers. Who will also have to take care of the bureaucratic aspects.

The project will be divided into several phases: a preliminary feasibility study, to define whether the house can be built with the desired general characteristics and according to financial resources; followed by a preliminary project, on which the final project will be based, which in many cases may correspond to the one to be presented to the Municipality of belonging. And finally the executive project, which must contain all the technical details necessary for the realization.

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